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"I have loved you, saith the Lord. Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us?" Malachi 1:2

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Most of these were donated by Luke, De Nocte member # 0005. If you have any larger versions of the clip art, send it in.
Only the posters have working thumbnails.
If you click on any of the pictures under the Clip Art heading, it will all take you to the same Recollections poster. I am aware of this code problem so please don't email me about it.
Posters / magazine art
Saeki, Itoh, and Takashiro Imari Imari and Saeki Imari and Saeki2 Young Kurumi and Imari
A group shot Saeki, Shiraki, Imari, Ichikawa, and Yuki Takashiro with thorns Imari, Saeki, and Shiraki Saeki and Takashiro
Rejection poster, Jody's crew Rejection poster, Jody's crew version 2 Rejection girls, 9 heart breakers

Clip art (no thumbnails)






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