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The Bible Black box set

The pictures you are about to see, are only here due to extreme generosity of one of my visitors.
His name is Alex, and he is member # 0003 of the De Nocte fan list. I an forever indebted to him for sending me the box set.
I also want to thank Erika, member # 0002. She took all the digital photos for me, so we could avoid damaging the art book.

The new pictures are at the bottom.

Release Date: 2006/01/25 | Price: 19,740 Yen
3,000 sets were issued, this is a limited edition
R2-only release (dialog is Japanese, no subtitles, sex is censored, and you need an R2 or region-free DVD player to view it)

Box set contains:
Bible Black season one + Bible Black Gaiden (8 episodes)
Bonus Disc
Bible-style binding

"Imari-hen" Imari Arc
A mouse pad, beverage coaster, calling card, pop-up stand, and CD holder
Art book and screen shots (illustrated by Yoshiten)
Bible Black trailers
Episode 3 re-worked

Where to find it:
As far as I am aware, two online retailers carried it, Mangaoh and CD Japan.

Episode 3:
Anybody with an eye for detail has noticed the artwork in episode 3 is sub-standard.
In the box set, the animators have re-done the entire episode, everything looks lush and beautiful. See below for the comparison!








The art book